Making the Switch to Open: Experiences, Lessons Learned and Next Steps

2:30PM - 3:15PM
Cartoon Room

In this session, you will hear perspectives from faculty who have reinvented their course content through participation in Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) projects. Presenters will share two case studies—one involving the replacement of an expensive textbook by adopting OER and creating new resources, and the other the development of a collaboratively authored and peer-reviewed test bank for a high-enrollment GE course. The panel will reflect on their experience during the first year of implementation, discuss lessons learned and next steps, and inspire you to imagine innovate solutions for making learning affordable in your own courses.   
Ohio State’s Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) helps educators take ownership of their course content and find creative solutions to promote student savings. This includes re-imagining the textbook, encouraging innovation, and empowering faculty through grants and training to adopt, adapt, create and share open educational resources, effectively utilize library resources, and create high-quality digital materials.