Engaging Students in Global Learning Online

2:30PM - 3:15PM
Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room

Thread: Learning Environments

We will share the results of a pilot we conducted last semester encompassing learning activities and tools to engage our students, along with their counterparts at Istanbul University. We required our students to gain an understanding of their peers’ perspectives as they were studying about Turkey. While nothing can replace physical travel to the country, we discovered that online interactions can be powerful. Technology allowed us to engage our students, track their progress, and respond more immediately to their experiences. It also helped level the playing field for speakers of English as a second language. We motivated the students with the production of an e-book that they co-authored, including input from their Turkish counterparts. Ohio State's Buckeye Badges, in combination with a gamification app (Suitable) encouraged students to think about what they were achieving, integrate their learning, and link them with are specific, marketable skills. We will share our templates.