FEVer in the Web Browser: Exploring Weather and Climate with the Fluid Earth Viewer

Global weather models continuously simulate the complete state of the atmosphere everywhere on the planet. For the enormous volume of data generated through this process, the general public only experiences a small fraction, often in the form of a few weather icons in weather apps, losing sight of the broader weather picture. Our team has tapped into these datasets and harnessed new web technologies to create Fluid Earth Viewer (FEVer), a web application featuring a dynamic and interactive visualization of our Earth's atmosphere and oceans. FEVer allows users to see the broader weather picture, identify patterns, and recognize motion in the atmosphere. FEVer provides K-12 classrooms and the public with information, often utilized exclusively by the science community, in an interactive and accessible format. Presenters will look to provoke attendees’ imaginations with live demonstrations of this geoscience education tool.