The iBook Platform: A Realization of Faculty Collaboration, Textbook Affordability, and Innovation

This presentation demonstrates how the iBooks we’ve produced allow students access to an affordable digital container of highly innovative science content. An engaging and interactive delivery of science concepts is essential for student success, especially as we continuously advance the technological environment we offer our diverse population. Notoriously, highly engaging digital content is only offered to students at a high cost. However, our faculty, through their collaborative efforts, have produced and are delivering high-quality products without the associated price tag of traditional textbooks and ancillaries. Additionally, the value proposition of a multitouch book is that each “book” is not necessarily a string of accurate statements presented as text and static diagrams -- our iBooks contain hundreds of videos and interactive learning objects, in addition to brand new illustrations, all produced at Columbus State. We will discuss our process and demonstrate the learning environments we’ve personally created with the iBooks Author software.