The Innovation Studio: Unlocking New Channels to Promote Innovation

What if we didn’t tell students what to learn? What if we gave them the tools and resources to turn their ideas into actions? Could that journey open new doors, create new relationships, and provide students with the confidence to reach for their dreams? At the Innovation Studio, we’ve seen the true value of such a journey. The Innovation Studio is a moveable makerspace/idea incubator that travels from college to college across campus, staying at each for a residency seven weeks to help foster interprofessional collaboration. Since launching in March 2017, the Innovation Studio has received innovation submissions from 65 interprofessional teams, heard pitch presentations from 52 of those teams, and provided those 52 teams over $35k in funding and resources. What’s most amazing, is that while most teams continue to engage, many don’t claim their financial award. This suggests that providing the permission and resources to innovate are more valuable than capital for early stage innovation. Come discuss our strategies for success, lessons learned, and opportunities for improvement.