Lightning Ideas: Technology

10:00AM - 10:45AM
Senate Chamber

Three engaging presentations address how forward-thinking technology—virtual reality, an interactive video tool, and an LMS for gameful learning—can be used to enhance the student experience.

Teach with VR - Are We There Yet?

Andrew Frueh

3D models, virtual reality, augmented reality—Chances are you’ve talked about these technologies with your peers and your leadership. Unfortunately, this too often ends without any clear idea of how you can proceed. While it is exciting, no one wants to waste time or money. If you feel you don’t have the skills in-house, you might be surprised. Recent developments in the tools for the creation of this kind of content have made great things possible. We will work to understand the spectrum of issues that stand in the way of adoption of these powerful new technologies and create a map to try to categorize some of the main hurdles and define the problem set.

Pedagogic Integration of Video Content

Jeff Chicki

This presentation will allow attendees to experience the tool Playposit from the learners’ perspective, provide examples of creative use cases, and take a glance at the analytics being collected. This is not a sales pitch for Playposit, but a demonstration of how we can use new, accessible technologies, to innovate the way we deliver, and our students consume content.

Gameful Design: It's About Motivating Students

Evan Straub

Gameful design aggregates existing teaching pedagogies through a lens of how games motivate us. Rooted in motivational theory, gameful design is centered on how to build autonomy, competency and belonging as a lever to increase engagement. Through case studies about the use of GradeCraft, we will illustrate some course design structures that can support student choice, resilience and satisfaction with learning. In addition, we will discuss concrete examples of how to integrate gameful into designs into a class and provide some planning tools for instructors to use in their own course design.