Innovator Corner

Welcome to the Innovator Corner! We've got you covered with resources for your little innovators at home and even some fun digital assets for you.

Innovate Digital Swag

Download the Innovate coloring sheet

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Little Innovators 

Here are some resources to keep your little ones busy during the virtual conference.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube channel is a great way to help kids relax while encouraging some fitness.

GoNoodle Fitness 

The GoNoodle Fitness website helps kids get active in a fun way!

Super Teacher Worksheets

The Super Teacher Worksheets website is a great resource for finding worksheets to do over the summer.

Worksheet Fun 

The Worksheet Fun website is another great site for worksheets to keep your children busy.

PE with Joe

The PE with Joe Youtube playlist is a great option for kids that love a challenge and staying active!

Storytime with Ryan and Craig

The Storytime with Ryan and Craig Youtube channel is a great way to keep your book-lovers entertained.

Storyline Online

The Storyline Online website provides another storytime experience with images, acting portrayals and some stories even provide sign language captioning. 


The KidNuz website provides fun and positive way to learn about current events and news.


The Prodigy website provides a gamified app and platform that keeps children engaged and motivated to learn about math. 

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy website is a free, non-profit dedicated to providing personalized help to any learners.

Art for Kids Hub

The Art for Kids Hub Youtube channel is a great place for family art projects.


The DIY SCI show on Steve Spangler's website presents fun science experiments.