Lightning Ideas: Impact With Empathy

2:30PM - 3:15PM
Ohio Staters, Inc. Traditions Room

This breakout session will include three high-energy 15-minute presentations about how cultivating an understanding of diverse student perspectives can enhance instructional design and delivery and inform institutional practices. You will be able to reconnect with presenters at the end-of-day session, Find My Idea, to ask questions, discuss challenges and share your own ideas!

Student Personas: Empowering Student Voice
Breana Yaklin, Caroline White

Personas have been used in market research “to communicate and summarize research trends and patterns to others” and “create different designs for different kinds of people” (Goltz, 2014). In education, personas can serve as a valuable resource for incorporating student voice into learning design work. Presenters will share their process for developing student personas at Michigan State University and discuss the challenges and opportunities for conducting qualitative research to create a persona.

Advancing Accessibility University Wide
Christopher Frey, Phil Deaton, Natalie Orcutt

On Michigan State University’s Digital Content and Accessibility Team, students and faculty work together across departments to revise course content to better accommodate students with disabilities. The presenters—including instructors, staff and students—will share best practices discovered from their process of analysis, consultation and implementation, as well as the nitty-gritty of content revision. Learn how incorporating student voices into accessible learning experience design can positively impact the learning experiences for all students.

Using Metacognition and Personalized Interventions to Teach Students How to Learn
Matthew Stoltzfus

Saundra McGuire’s book, Teach Students How to Learn, was distributed to Ohio State Chemistry teaching faculty. During the first week of their general chemistry course, students were given a substantive pretest. Based on their performance, students were then given recommendations to attend a personalized combination of some or all of the following: study skills workshop, peer mentor meetings, group-led study sessions, Friday sessions, and DLC academic coaches. Learn how this personalized approach based on students' individial needs can lead to learning gains.