Innovate Transform

At Innovate: Transform, we're searching for new ways to adapt as individuals, organizations and as a society in order to ensure excellence in teaching and learning, improve the experience of the 21st-century student and make an impact beyond the classroom.

Join educators, students and thought leaders to challenge your thinking, exchange proven practices and learn new ways to transform teaching and learning at a larger scale

  • Individual: How do we transform as individuals? Why is it important to re-evaluate our processes? How are we transforming our teaching practices?
  • Organizational: What initiatives are changing the culture of departments, units or institutions as a whole? We'll hear about "big picture" policies around teaching, learning and technology. What initiatives are changing the student experience? 
  • Social: Education is a catalyst for social change. How do we encourage impactful change within and beyond the classroom? From diversity and inclusion efforts, to community engagement, political activism and environmental awareness, we'll be sharing how our work in the classroom today transforms the social landscape of tomorrow. 

Find out why attending Innovate is beneficial to all.

Back in 2020:

  • We'll hear from more student voices as presenters, panelists and attendees!
  • Innovate Mobile App
  • The Imaginarium - Facilitated by the STEAM Factory, this space is dedicated to hands-on exploration, showcases of forward-thinking tools and projects, and opportunities for networking and discussion.