Forward is our theme for 2018 and we will explore the future of teaching and learning with technology through three threads:

  • Access: This thread will delve into the intentionality of institutions reaching underrepresented populations, as well as the intersection of affordable materials, equitable technology and high-quality learning experiences.
  • Technology: Students live in a society where technology and everyday life are integrated. This thread will allow educators to explore technology trends in order to properly prepare students to solve 21st-century problems.
  • Learning Environments: We’re seeing a dramatic shift in not only how education is delivered, but where it is delivered. This thread will discuss how the learning environments we create force us to re-examine how people learn.

As we explore these threads, we welcome three keynote speakers throughout the day who are experts in those areas: George Couros (access), Bryan Alexander (technology) and Emily Pilloton (learning environments). Learn more about them here

About Innovate 2018: Forward