InnovateX marks the 10th year of our conference. We'll find new ways to excite students about learning, explore teaching opportunities outside the classroom and delve into the student experience.

  • Excite: How do you keep students engaged and active in their learning? What innovative technologies are available to enrich the learning experience? Get inspired by new ways to make learning exciting for your students.
  • Explore: Learning doesn't have to be confined to the classroom. Discover ways to get your students out and into the community; how to incorporate problem-based learning, service learning and real-life applications alongside theory; and how global opportunities can take learning to new heights.
  • Experience: This year at Innovate, we will be highlighting student voices as they share their experiences with inventive teaching methods and technology in the classroom. From traditional to online students, to those equipped with technology kits, find out what makes an excellent educational experience from the student perspective.


In addition to gaining insight on these topics, find out why attending Innovate is beneficial to all.

Back in 2019: The Imaginarium

Facilitated by the STEAM Factory, this space is dedicated to hands-on exploration, showcases of forward-thinking tools and projects, and opportunties for networking and discussion.


InnovateX Theme Announcement

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