Why Attend

Whether it’s your first time, or your first time in a long time, there are many reasons to attend Innovate. Here are just a few to convince you to join us virtually in 2022.

Attendance is Free

Innovate connects educators, peers, students and experts to discuss what’s possible at the intersection of technology, teaching and learning. All you have to do is set aside the day and be ready to absorb everything that is possible.

Engage in Provocative Conversations

When is the last time you heard something that made you go, “Hmmm?” Throughout Innovate, you will hear and engage in discussions that might cause you to think about how you approach your own pedagogy. Here are some thoughts from a few 2017 attendees:

Loved the thought-provoking keynote by Kathryn Finney. Great energy, presentation and interesting ideas. Just enough outside of higher education’s traditional conversations that I was really pushed to think differently.


Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani discussing [open educational resources] principles was the most inspirational and on-point talk I’ve heard regarding higher education in my life.


This conference is designed with the educator in mind, providing an environment ripe for a challenging and knowledge-filled experience.

Collaborate with Hundreds of Fellow Higher Ed Leaders

One of the most valuable parts of attending Innovate is the ability to connect and learn from your peers in higher education. In fact, 98 percent of attendees say that they were exposed to new and interesting ideas at Innovate.

Network with Like-Minded Individuals from Around North America

Innovate is the ideal opportunity to meet and network with your peers from all over the country. With more than 650 attendees from 111 institutions from across the United States and Canada, you’ll connect with different mindsets and potentially create opportunities to work together beyond the conference.

Have Some Fun!

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek is quoted saying, “Learning something new is fun.” A simple statement, but profoundly true. When you bring together people who are passionate about higher education and technology, you'll feed off the energy of others.