Augmented Reality in the Arts: The Future of Scoring Dance

11:00AM - 11:45AM
Student-Alumni Council Room

Thread: Technology

This presentation explores an augmented reality (AR) project being developed in the Department of Dance. It focuses on three primary areas directly affected by the use of AR in the classroom:

  • pedagogy
  • AR technology to support teaching and learning
  • the development of AR content for the classroom

Faculty member Hannah Kosstrin will lead a discussion on how augmented reality will change the way she currently teaches her dance notation and analysis class, and her goals for augmented reality to enhance the digital-kinesthetic pedagogy for her course. Mike Kaylor and Chris Summers will then discuss how augmented reality is being used to support teaching and learning across the Arts curriculum here at Ohio State, and the alignment of students from Arts courses that develop AR content as a part of their coursework with existing ASCTech projects. Content development will also be explored with a hands-on demo with Microsoft HoloLens.