Building Positive Environments in Active Learning Classrooms

2:30PM - 3:15PM
Ohio Staters, Inc. Traditions Room

Thread: Learning Environments

Active Learning Classrooms are a hot trend for universities. As we redesign classroom spaces to meet the learning needs of students, those same students often enter them with the assumption that they will be passive learners. The intensity of new surroundings and pedagogy necessitate a different role for all involved. Our presenters, all of whom are instructors teaching in ALCs at Ohio State, have had to find ways to help their students better understand their role in this kind of classroom, set expectations for the kinds of experiences they will have in the space, and create an environment where they continually feel welcomed, challenged, supported and engaged. Participants will learn about the importance of creating and maintaining a positive classroom environment. In small group work and personal reflection, they will use real cases – shared by our presenters – to consider possible strategies for enhancing these environments. Presenters will share successes and struggles.