Shifting the Balance: Engaging Students as Collaborators in Online Course Redesign

11:00AM - 11:45AM
Ohio Staters, Inc. Traditions Room

Thread: Learning Environments

The Internet is a powerful democratizing force, allowing people in disempowered positions to discover their voice and power to shape their community. Yet, often within online classrooms, the traditional teacher-student hierarchy is not simply preserved but intensified. Teachers have sole control over course design and content creation, which they present as a finished product for students' consumption.

This session introduces participants to an alternative, presenting a case study where students in an online graduate-level program at a Midwestern research university participated in redesigning a course they have taken or are going to take. The instructor will introduce the case, and then the students will share stories of how they have co-designed, are co-designing, and will co-design the course and the benefits they gained from it. The session will conclude with a discussion and Q&A around practical strategies that participants can use to involve their students in redesigning educational content.