Lightning Ideas: A More Affordable Student Experience

10:15AM - 11:00AM
Senate Chamber

Three fast-paced presentations highlight unique routes to providing affordable course contentan open quiz authoring tool, a program that provides significantly discounted digital textbooks in the LMS, and the integration of newly available public domain materials (e.g., books, film, music, and art).

Thread: Experience

Presenting Quizzle: The Open Tool that Will Change the Way You Test

Alexis Duffy, Ashley Miller

Content Camp, a collaborative test bank authoring initiative, has expanded, aided by the launch of a web-based tool that facilitates authoring and offers instructors an easy-to-navigate platform to search for peer-reviewed questions and to curate quizzes tailored to the unique needs of their assessment project. Did we mention that it’s free?

CarmenBooks: Embracing Inclusive Access in the College of Social Work

Mike Shiflet, Lois Stepney, Camille Quinn

Could your course be saving students money? Inclusive access provides students with their electronic textbooks and/or online homework systems at reduced cost. The College of Social Work has piloted this at Ohio State through a program called CarmenBooks. This session will share how it impacted the classroom and detail plans for broader rollout.

Invigorate Your Teaching Through Fair Use and Public Domain Materials

Sandra Enimil, Maria Scheid

For the first time in 20 years, creative works have entered the Public Domain in the United States. These copyright-free works may now be used freely. This session will discuss how using public domain works and relying on fair use for works still under copyright can enhance teaching and learning.