Meet our Keynote Speakers

We're pleased to welcome Dr. Corey Seemiller and Maha Bali as our two keynote speakers for Innovate: Transform. Learn more about them below.


Corey Seemiller

Corey SeemillerDr. Corey Seemiller is a seasoned educator, researcher and speaker on Generation Z. Her work has been featured on NPR and in The New York Times as well as in other news publications, podcasts, and academic journals around the world.

Her TED Talk on Generation Z at TEDxDayton, which now has nearly 200,000 views, showcased how Generation Z plans to make a difference in the world. Her books include Generation Z Goes to College, which aims to prepare college administrators and educators for a new generation of college students, Generation Z Leads, a practical implementation guide for educators in designing meaningful leadership development experiences for Generation Z students, Generation Z: A Century in Making, which offers insight into nearly every aspect of the lives of those in Generation Z, and Generation Z Learns, a practical guide for teaching and learning with Generation Z.

Dr. Seemiller is also the author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook and associated measurements and tools to help educators develop intentional curriculum that enhances leadership competency development as well as Fenix: The Fearless Feline, an award-winning children’s book she co-authored with her then 8 year-old Gen Z daughter.

Dr. Seemiller received her Bachelor's degree in Communication, Master's degree in Educational Leadership, and Ph.D. in Higher Education. She has worked in the college setting for more than 20 years – and for the last several, directly with Generation Z students. She currently serves as a faculty member in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University. 

Follow her at: @CoreySeemiller



Maha Bali

Maha BaliMaha Bali is an Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, where she has worked since 2003.

She has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Sheffield, UK. She is co-founder of and co-facilitator of Equity UnboundShe was the 9th person interviewed on the Leaders and Legends of Online Learning podcastShe was featured alongside 15 amazing women of the open movement in the UnCommon Women 2018 Coloring Book.

Her research interests include higher education, faculty development, critical pedagogy and critical thinking, open and online education, intercultural learning and citizenship education. She teaches digital literacies in an intercultural context, and has taught educational game design, and educational technology for teachers. She is an editorial board member of 6 journals of educational technology and higher education, including Hybrid Pedagogy. She is a passionate open and connected educator.

Follow her at: and @bali_maha