Innovate 365

When we initially launched Innovate 365, we were looking for a way to expand the conversations around technology enhanced education beyond our one-time annual conference. This resulted in the introduction of several new in-person events throughout the year that provided opportunities for the Innovate community to network, share ideas, and explore new classroom innovations.

While we’re keeping several of those events, we’re also looking at ways to truly take 365 to heart by creating a digital space for faculty and staff from Ohio State and beyond to discuss teaching and learning advancements as they’re happening.

We’re currently in the process of deciding what this digital space should look and function like. While we work out the details we would love to hear from YOU – since we’re building this space for your use.

Do you have any ideas, topics or inspiration for what you would like to see out of a digital Innovate 365?  Email us.


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