Request for Proposals

Each year, the Innovate program is created with YOU in mind: educators, administrators and thought leaders within teaching and learning. Who better to present than those who live and breathe these approaches every day. The Request for Proposal form for Innovate: Connect has closed.

At the 2022 Innovate: Connect conference, we’ll explore how we're navigating the continuously-changing education landscape and staying connected as teachers, learners and a community. We want to hear how you’ve tackled new challenges, the lessons you learned in the process, and which methods are finding a permanent home in your teaching toolkit.

This year’s conference will be virtual and include synchronous breakout sessions. We encourage you to get creative, break the traditional lecture mold, and present in an inclusive and engaging way that fits your contentas well as the virtual context.

Preference will be given to proposals that include multiple presenters (particularly to those with one or more teaching staff or students) and to cross-disciplinary sessions. The Innovate team may ask accepted presenters to consider modifying the length or delivery format of their proposed session.

Reflect on the Theme 

As you brainstorm your proposal, think back on the events of the past few years. Ask yourself how you have adapted to better:

  • Connect with your students.What strategies and tools did you use to build community and facilitate meaningful instructor-student and student-student interactions? How did you create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment? 

  • Connect with your peers.How did youcollaborate with colleagues and learn from fellow instructors? Did you co-design courses in your department or across disciplines? Have you engaged in professional development, learning communities, or mentoring that supported your teaching during this challenging time? 

  • Connect with yourself. What practices did you use to reduce stressnavigate change, and support your mental wellbeing? How did you teach with empathy and help your students maintain their own health and wellness? 

  • Connect with the community.Educators can make an impact on the world beyond the classroom. From diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to community engagement and social justice, how did you and your students connect to build a better future?

Submit Your Proposal

We recommend that you compile your proposal in another document before completing the Request for Proposal (RFP) form. This will enable you to get feedback, review your content, and make edits to ensure a quality submission. 

Have this material on hand when you fill out the form, as it will not automatically save a drafted version of your work. Remember to gather the required information and bios from your co-presenters before submitting.

If you have questions or want feedback on your proposal, contact

The submission deadline was Monday, January 31.

The conference takes place on Wednesday, May 4.