Deadline Approaching to Submit Your Idea for #InnovateOSU 2018

Breakout session from 2017

Friday, February 2, 2018.

That's the deadline for submitting your proposal to present at the Innovate conference and it's rapidly approaching! If you are employing a unique or refreshed idea in the classroom, apply now to share it with your fellow attendees.

Forward is the theme for 2018 and we will explore the future of teaching and learning with technology through three threads:

  • Access: This thread will delve into the intentionality of institutions reaching underrepresented populations, as well as the intersection of affordable materials, equitable technology and high-quality learning experiences.
  • Technology: Students live in a society where technology and everyday life are integrated. This thread will allow educators to explore technology trends in order to properly prepare students to solve 21st-century problems.
  • Learning Environments: We’re seeing a dramatic shift in not only how education is delivered, but where it is delivered. This thread will discuss how the learning environments we create force us to re-examine how people learn.

Each year, the Innovate program is created with YOU in mind: educators, administrators, and thought leaders interested in advancements in teaching, learning and technology. Who better to present than those who live and breathe these approaches every day?

Submit A Proposal

Need help developing a quality proposal? Download this planning template to help prepare your submission.