Outline your story

Think about the scope of the game you want to build and know that you do not have to make a perfect game on your first try. You are learning!

Outline the story/choices of your game (from the ideas you were brainstorming last week).

Create a storyboard

Create a storyboard to visually organize the outline of your game. Hold onto this storyboard for next week. Here’s an examples of how the connections in your storyboard may look…

Screen shot example of a game storyboard

Please note that we are not concerned with an “official” way to storyboard or plan your game. XP participants have developed flow charts on whiteboards, used notecards to represent each “scene” of their text-based game, setup spreadsheets to map out choices, and created digital flow charts using online software like Draw.io. Use whatever tools you need/want while planning your game.